Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#288)

  • Sugar and corn syrup lobby bypass traditional lobbyists for think tanks.
  • As career opportunities in academia dwindle, doctorate holders look to think tanks.
  • After Neomi Rao, founder of Study of the Administrative State at George Mason, left the center to join the Trump Administration (OIRA), Adam White of Hoover took over.
  • Alice Rivlin of Brookings was a high-profile supporter of Vincent Gray's run against then-Mayor Adrian Fenty, hosting a fundraiser in her Forest Hills home.
  • Google a big supporter of conservative and libertarian groups, including Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and Cato Institute.
  • Cybersecurity savant: Jim Lewis of CSIS.
  • Prince Charles uses his think tank, the International Sustainability Unit, to seek solutions to challenges such as creating food and water security.
  • Koch Equity Development "operates like a high-level think tank."
  • Why China's think tanks are captivated by Europe. 
  • Christensen Institute: Think tank dedicated to disrupting the world through disruptive innovation.