Thursday, October 26, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#290)

  • WSJ: The media's go-to think tank (Tax Policy Center) trashes GOP tax reform without evidence.
  • European Parliament report: What think tanks are thinking on North Korea.
  • Max Fisher bashes think tanks on Twitter.
  • Zack Gold berates New America scholars for quoting classified information (Wikileaks).
  • Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke misleads on travel expenses at Heritage Foundation speech?
  • RAND Corp: Is sex good for sleep?  Are separate beds the sign of a bad marriage?
  • Marine Le Pen demands senior adviser quits think tank role.
  • RUSI: War between the US and North Korea a real possibility.
  • Think tanks that released critical study of Bernie Sanders' tax/healthcare plans receive funding from industries that would be affected.
  • Owen Paterson to give pro-Brexit speech at Heritage.
  • Shannon Sutton: Do think tanks need more female leaders?