Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#292)

  • DARPA recruiting from academia (and think tanks?) in bid for fresh thinking.
  • Kevin Warsh of Hoover was on short-list to take over Janet Yellen's position at the Fed.
  • Is the Chinese government recruiting US think tankers to spy on the US?
  • Bradley Smith in Washington Examiner: The Left (Center for Political Accountability and UPenn) again tries to prohibit corporate giving to think tanks.
  • Meet Cato's Andrei Illarionov, former chief economic adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin before resigning in protest.  [Cato calls Putin's government an aggressive authoritarian regime destroying rule of law, violating human rights, and attacking neighbor countries.]
  • Remi Quirion: 10 tips for making think tank voices heard by politicians.
  • PIIE head Adam Posen on what think tanks can do in a post-truth era. 
  • Facing poverty, academics (and think tankers?) turn to sex work and sleeping in cars. 
  • Politico celebrates birthday of R Street Institute President Eli Lehrer.
  • CNAS and 21st Century Fox launch national security film and television series.