Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#302)

  • Can Washington think tanks be automated
  • Heritage officially welcomes Kay Coles James with 300 guests, including AG Jeff Sessions, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, and Sens. Ted Cruz, Joni Ernst, and Orrin Hatch.
  • The tale of two conservatives: Both (Mike Pence and Jeff Flake) ran conservative think tanks in their states in the 1990s.
  • ExpertFile builds awareness of think tanks. 
  • In Sept. 2017, Thea Lee, formerly of the AFL-CIO, became the president of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). 
  • Richard Stengel has been named distinguished fellow at Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab.
  • Former Deputy National Security Advsisor Dina Powell named non-resident senior fellow at Future of Diplomacy Project at Harvard's Belfer Center.
  • AEI Fellow Jonah Goldberg named inaugural holder of the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty.
  • RT: Your guide to top anti-Russia think tanks in the US and who funds them; Paul Craig Roberts follows up with "American Think Tanks are Hired Purveyors of Fake News."
  • More RT: EU needs "steel tanks, not think tanks" to counter ISIS and Russia" says Polish PM.
  • Chatham House event: Why "Post-Truth" Matters to Think Tanks.