Monday, April 2, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#307)

  • 2005 flashback: War of Ideas: Why mainstream and liberal foundations and the think tanks they support are losing in the war of ideas in American politics (by Andrew Rich).
  • 2007 flashback: Think tank confidential (by AEI's Christopher DeMuth).
  • 2003 flashback: The corruption of think tanks (by Steven Clemons).
  • 2002 flashback: The role of think tanks in Chinese foreign policy (by He Li).
  • 1999 flashback: The think tank as flack: How Microsoft and other corporations use conservative policy groups (by David Callahan).
  • 1997 flashback: RNC ex-chief details funds for think tank.
  • 1997 flashback: The Manhattan Institute has nudged New York to the right.
  • 2005 flashback: Think tank (USIP) is moving up in the world.
  • 2001 flashback: "Ted Halstead's New America Foundation Has It All: Money, Brains and Buzz."
  • 1988 flashback: Think tank (Urban Institute) survives lean times.