Monday, April 9, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#308)

  • Graph: How the income of the 20 largest US think tanks developed over the last few years.
  • Beijing think tank described the White House as a tribal battleground dominated by the "Trump family clan."
  • The technology think tank everyone wants to be a part of in 2018.
  • Dan Drezner: Has Twitter tainted the public intellectual?
  • Middle East scholar: "People like me who do this kind of work...they all get money from think tanks - and universities are the same thing - all financed by the Saudis."
  • Dr. Christopher Rastrick on think tanks.
  • Nearly all think tanks founded by men?  7.4% of think tanks in US/EU founded solely by women.
  • Will big pharma soon have to disclose payments to think tanks? 
  • Jorge Guajardo: "The world's best universities, think tanks, academics, media, deliberative forums, and the country ends up with Peter Navarro and Trump."
  • Josh Barro was a think tanker (i.e., Manhattan Institute).