Thursday, April 12, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#309)

  • Daily Caller: Outgoing National Security Advisor McMaster worked for foreign think tank funded by China and Russia; sought Clinton Foundation funding.
  • Flashback: Stephen Hawking joined anti-robot apocalypse think tank (Cambridge Project for Existential Risk).
  • Tomáš Valášek: Think tanks need to update the way they communicate.
  • Why Jeremy Corbyn needs a think tank.
  • Free market think tanks, persuasion, and big data.
  • Uzbek-American think tanks to carry out joint research.
  • 2018 ranking of free-market think tanks measured by social media impact. 
  • VOA video: The influence of think tanks in US policy.
  • Think tanker Alan Romberg, a China expert, passes away.
  • How a creative think tank in Austin is developing a new generation on interactive storytellers.
  • Think tank Tokyo Foundation changes name to Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research.