Sunday, May 20, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#312)

  • Trump has made Washington hostile to experts like think tankers.
  • Matthew Walther: "It is almost sad now to think of the millions of words of Heritage Foundation PowerPoints still gathering virtual dust on Jeb Bush's website."
  • Spies on campus pose threat to academia.
  • Transparify: Think tank New America has become 5-star transparent.
  • From Spark Tank to Think Tank: A conversation with Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson (an AEI event).
  • Financier Peter G. Peterson, a huge donor to think tanks, passes away.
  • Jay Solomon, former chief correspondent for the Wall Street Journal who was fired last year for what the paper considered an unethical relationship with a source, is now a senior director at APCO Worldwide and remains a visiting fellow at WINEP.
  • Members of the Biden Institute Policy Advisory Board include think tankers.
  • Brigid Hasson, formerly in the coalition relations department at the Heritage Foundation, has joined Rational 360.