Sunday, June 3, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#315)

  • Tired of winning: DC think tanks, NYC magazines, and the search for public intellect.
  • Indian think tank India Foundation accused of plagiarism.
  • 70 years of innovation at RAND.
  • Andrew Haldenby on integrity, independence, and think tanks.
  • Raw data on American attitudes toward think tanks.
  • CAP holds 15th anniversary Ideas Conference in 2018.
  • Former VP Joe Biden does Brookings.
  • British think tank: Give $13,500 to Millenials. 
  • Andrea Baertl Helguero: Factors that affect a think tank's credibility.
  • Women's Media Center (WMC) database of women experts; database of women in STEM; Women Also Know Stuff scholar search.