Monday, July 9, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#318)

  • Evaluating increases in think tank executive compensation, by Ignacio Delcavoli.
  • What does a think tank have to do with your life? (via Rich Larsen, President of Utah-based Sutherland Inst.)
  • Think tanks stress importance of college completion.
  • Russia's Sputnik: DC think tank experts paid to play by companies, foreign states (interviewing Max Blumenthal).
  • Iowa county to hold public "think tanks."
  • John Bolton's new NSC chief of staff worked at Center for Security Policy.
  • "My mom just asked me if working at a think tank means I get a thinking cap.  'Does it have a propellor on top?'"
  • Are you single, taken, or a think tank?
  • Cato scholar: "There oughta be a German word for when cable news covers a complex area of policy wonkery but interviews a person who clearly has no knowledge of the subject and just Googled it before the hit." 
  • Dinesh D'Souza, formerly a fellow at AEI and Hoover, pardoned by President Trump.