Friday, August 17, 2018

New Entity to Launch 10+ New Think Tank-Related Websites

A new Paris-based entity called Think-Tanks'Media is rolling out the first of what it says could be around a dozen new websites related to think tanks.  Possible future sites include:

  • Think-Tanks’Blog ( dedicated to the social media publications of the think-tanks )
  • Think-Tanks’Team ( a repertoire of think-tankers )
  • Think-Tanks’Jobs ( to present the job offers of the think-tanks )
  • Think-Tanks’Solutions ( focusing on think-tank lobbying and think-tank diplomacy )
  • Think-Tanks’Fund ( to connect think-tanks to donors )
  • Think-Tanks’App ( to harness the potential of think-tankers )
  • Think-Tanks’Shop ( to sell briefing notes to political leaders )
  • Think-Tanks’Market ( to offer opinion polls concerning think-tank proposals )
  • Think-Tanks’Lawyer ( to highlight the legislative impact think-tanks can have )
  • Think-Tanks’Foundation ( to promote, via a foundation, the sustainable development of the think-tank land ).

Think-Tanks'Media says its goal is to "give you an overview of the daily work of more than 2,000 think tanks across the world, and to introduce you to best of it."

In fact, it has already launched Think-Tanks'Guide, which aims to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date think tank directory.  Additionally, it has launched Think-Tanks'Work, a search engine of think tank reports.

Stay tuned for more...