Friday, August 3, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#320)

  • Average US/UK think tank report now 42.5 pages?
  • Pic: Junckermania at CSIS (via Politico's Doug Palmer).
  • Nahal Toosi of Politico: "Dear People Who Run Think Tanks: Your panel discussions would get more attention (and actually be of greater quality) if you rely more on moderators who aren't afraid to ask hard questions.  Like reporters."
  • Cato's biennial Milton Freedman Prize for Advancing Liberty dinner honoring Ladies in White.
  • What transpires behind curtains in Washington think tanks about Kashmir?
  • Robert Reich in South Korea at invitation of the government's major economic think tank.
  • World Resources Institute (WRI) Africa opens.
  • RAND research: Truth Decay; RAND publications in Arabic.
  • American academics helping whitewash former KGB agent Vladimir Yakunin's think tank?
  • Timothy Lee: It's surprising how little think tank work there is on self-driving cars.