Monday, October 1, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#328)

  • Video: Code Pink activist interrupts Trump official at Hudson Inst. event on Iran. 
  • Express: Putin spooks hacked UK think tank (Henry Jackson Society) 2,400 times.
  • The new Conservative think tank preparing for life after Brexit.
  • Crypto-advocacy comes of age as trade groups and think tanks move on Washington.
  • Foreign lobbying and think tank event hosted by Center for Responsive Politics.
  • Idrees Kahloon: The swampy business of lobbying for foreign governments (via think tanks).
  • Stuff You Should Know: What are think tanks all about?
  • Is there a start-up re-thinking how think tanks work?
  • Think tank gathering Think 20 Summit in Argentina.
  • Brookings brings its young stars to Berlin to debate on engaging China.
  • Rolling Stone piece on think tank liberalism and battle between Bernie Sanders and Jeff Bezos.