Friday, October 12, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#330)

  • The memo that launched 1,000 think tanks.
  • A pocket guide to think tanks that have developed conservative and libertarian policies and principles in health care; Trump recruited from think tanks to fill health care positions.
  • Think tank alums (Zach Graves of R Street and Cato, and Daniel Schuman of Demand Progress) look to build tech expertise for Congress.
  • The think tank (Kohelet Policy Forum) that quietly runs the Knesset in Israel. 
  • Think tanks for everything: "Digital tourism think tank."
  • Zambia's president courts "impartial" think tanks. 
  • Creeping bias in research: negative results are glossed over. 
  • Ben Shapiro's headquarters "has the look of a think tank and the feel of a refurbished doctor's office." 
  • Why academics are creating deepfakes; fall of top US scientists points to ethics gap in research.
  • "Whacky study alleges conspiracy theory linking Moscow to DC think tanks."