Monday, October 22, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#331)

  • Foreign Policy: Is US doing enough to fight Chinese influence at think tanks?
  • AEI chief Arthur Brooks makes appearance in new movie (The Pursuit) coming in spring 2019.
  • Brookings' new State of the Heartland Factbook 2018.
  • Texas think tank seizes its Trump moment.
  • The Nation: US think tanks shift ire from North Korea to South Korea.
  • Think tank funding fact: Carnegie Endowment gives money to CNAS. 
  • North Korea parody site: DPRK prohibits TED talks, citing their general uselessness.
  • USIP hosts Iraqi think tank experts.
  • Security Studies Group (SSG), a "provocative next-generation think tank."
  • Forthcoming report from think tank Henry Jackson Society will show Russia has five times as many spies in Britain now than it did during the Cold War.