Monday, October 29, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#332)

  • The Georgetowner cover story: Think tanks - shadow governments in plain site. 
  • Report from Trump's favorite think tank (Heritage Foundation) calls for a larger Navy fleet.
  • WSJ editorial board: A liberal think tank (Tax Policy Center) makes the case for tax deductions for the rich. 
  • Think tank ISIS: Iran was closer to nukes than we thought. 
  • White nationalist Richard Spencer's wife says he repeatedly registered his think tanks to the addresses of female relatives.
  • Nassim Taleb: "Someone sitting in the comfort of a think tank office (with a fridge full of yogurt drinks) dictating what aid people on the ground in Syria should receive in order to satisfy her grand principles."
  • Think tank experts from Sri Lanka visit the US State Department.
  • McCain Institute for International Leadership launches online ad campaign calling for a new generation of "mavericks."
  • Atlantic Council partners with law firm Baker McKenzie to host 2018 Global Diversity & Inclusion Summit.
  • The Palm, a swanky DC restaurant, has a picture of CSIS communications chief Andrew Schwartz on the wall (for eating their often enough).