Thursday, November 8, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#334)

  • McKinsey and BCG escorted five emissaries from the Saudi royal court to make the rounds at Washington think tanks.
  • Politico: Domestic issues normally associated with Washington think tanks have been repackaged into cultural-resentment fodder.
  • Watching the North Korea watchers (at think tanks).
  • Think tanks unlikely to fund any work that has "income" or "wealth inequality" in its title? 
  • OpenSecrets: A look at the wide-ranging group of think tanks that might wield the Koch network's greatest power.
  • Legislation written by lobbyists and think tanks.
  • Australian think tank releases new satellite footage showing China's "re-education" camps.
  • IPF event (India): The role of think tanks.
  • Group behind Steve Bannon event in Canada funds Canada's biggest right-wing think tank.
  • RAND's got talent.