Monday, December 3, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#337)

  • New York Times publishes pro-Saudi writers from think tanks that have deep autocratic ties.
  • Robin Niblett: Rediscovering a sense of purpose - the challenge for Western think tanks. 
  • Top Saudi think tank studying possible effects of a breakup of OPEC.
  • IPPA hosts panel on think tank discourse and political change.
  • Healthcare lobbyists use think tanks to battle "Medicare for all?"
  • New GMF report: Why Trumpism will not prevail.
  • New think tank to focus on Cuban heritage. 
  • Hudson Institute brings on NATO Cyber Security Expert Merle Maigre. 
  • Food Tank: The think tank for food.
  • Tory think tank (Adam Smith Institute) unwittingly invited pedophile onto boat with underage guests.