Saturday, March 23, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#343)

  • Outgoing AEI President Arthur Brooks joins Washington Post opinions section as a columnist.
  • Brookings hosts launch of 2019 think tank rankings.
  • The now-defunct Office of Technology assessment, operated as a think tank for Congress, tasked with studying science and technology issues.
  • CSIS launches Stephenson Ocean Security Project (SOS).
  • CSIS flags increase in number of Chinese fishing vessels in Spratlys
  • Global Times: China-US think tanks can promote resilient engagement. 
  • Brookings scholar Benjamin Wittes meeting quietly with NYT reporters over Mueller probe.
  • Jamie Bartlett of Demos reflects on think tanks.
  • The Bank of International Settlements: the "central bankers' think tank."
  • Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence: A public health think tank.