Monday, May 6, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#347)

  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg threat to conservative think tanks: "They've got their own institutions, they've got their own think tanks...and we're going to have to poke those bubbles."
  • Job opportunity at the only trade think tank in Brussels (i.e., ECIPE).
  • Flashback: Influence of Turkish money at US think tanks. 
  • Spring pic: The story of the cherry tree in front of Brookings.
  • Cato Institute hosts new art exhibition open to the public.
  • Nancy Pelosi trying to recruit DC think tanks to undermine Medicare for All?
  • Ola Salem and Hassan Hassan in FP: Arab regimes spend millions of dollars on think tanks in part to advance Islamophobia.
  • Pic: Only recently did I discover that think tanks do not holding meetings in actual tanks.
  • New film Blood Money deals with how Qatar funds think tanks to advance its agenda.
  • Pic: When you bring a baby to a think tank...