Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#348)

  • Reihan Salam to run Manhattan Institute.
  • Matthew Sears proposal: "All think tanks should have a warning label at the top of their websites and attached to every article they publish, stating by whom they're funded.  Like cigarette warning labels..."
  • Are India's think tanks promoting conflict with Pakistan?
  • Think tank bearing McCain's name releases "fact sheet" rebutting Trump's criticisms.
  • Hudson Institute was first major think tank to have a woman as its president, Gail Potter Neale.
  • FT: EU think tanks strengthen their defenses after Russian attacks.
  • In tweet, President Trump praises new book by Hoover Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson.
  • Family put in Chinese concentration camp for speaking up at Hudson Institute?
  • DC think tanks continue to push for US-Taiwan FTA.
  • Turkish lawmakers visit DC's think tank land; Saudi foreign minister meets with think tankers.
  • Pic: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace gives great gifts to its guest speakers.