Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#349)

  • A $30,000+ prize for debut non-fiction proposals, open to think tankers.
  • PhRMA spends millions on conservative think tanks.
  • UK thinks tanks being tarnished by secretive right-wingers?
  • New spokesman for Saudi embassy works the think tank circuit.
  • British think tank that counters Russian information operations has been hacked
  • Ilhan Tanir: "I wonder if this new awakening re FARA registration will ever reach to some of Washington's think tanks' lobbying by any other name."
  • On China's investment in think tanks.
  • Talking Galleries: "Think tank for [art] galleries."
  • Pic: Food trucks visit think tanks.
  • Peter Mendelsund turns a homage to "The Magic Mountain" into a clever metafictional send-up of artists' retreats and tech-industry think tanks.