Tuesday, June 25, 2019

New Poll: Less Than 4% of UK Public Can Name a Think Tank

Here is more from London-based communications consultancy We Are Flint, which conducted the survey in partnership with research agency Delineate:

New research shows less than 4% (3.74%) of the UK public can name a think tank. The same research revealed that just 60% of the public say they know what a think tank is, but cannot name one. The Adam Smith Institute (1.44%) is the only think tank that more than 1% of the population can name, followed by the Fabian Society (0.85%), and the Bow Group (0.50%).

In 2018, We Are Flint released a poll showing that only one in two Americans actually knows what a think tank is.  Think Tank Watch should note that both polls were conducted online, a method that some say cannot always be trusted.