Sunday, June 9, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#350)

  • New USIP report on extremism in fragile states says war on terror has cost US $5.9 trillion.
  • Trump pulls plug on Fed pic Stephen Moore, a habituĂ© of conservative think tanks.
  • Silicon Valley-funded privacy think tanks fight in DC to unravel state-level consumer privacy protections. 
  • Russian think tanks and foreign policy-making.
  • 2019 ranking of free-market think tanks measured by social media impact.
  • Conservative think tank Hamilton Flourishing launched to help nudge Chattanooga area public policy toward right.
  • Bernie Sanders video: "Check out who funds the think tanks." 
  • Max Blumenthal: US military attack on Venezuela mulled by top Trump advisors and Latin American officials at private meeting at think tank CSIS (attendees list included).
  • The history of women at think tank Chatham House.
  • NYU event: Working at NGOs and think tanks. 
  • Conservative think tanks urge Republicans to oppose Sen. Lamar Alexander's "New Manhattan Project."