Thursday, July 4, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#353)

  • Australian think tank: Climate change could pose existential threat by 2050.
  • Economist: Can think tanks survive a post-fact world? 
  • Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaks at Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
  • Iran's Foreign Minister Zavad Zarif to miss his access to think tanks in New York?
  • Mexico's foreign minister calls think tanks "think thanks," and Spanish translation follows.
  • Dr. Lyall Swim: Can think tanks create the inevitable?
  • Hal Brands: America needs to reboot the university programs and think tanks that helped win the Cold War.
  • CAP has proposed the creation of an independent agency at the Dept. of Agriculture dedicated to maintaining competitive markets and protecting farmers from the effects of consolidation and will shop the idea on Capitol Hill.
  • New IRI report: China increasing efforts to shape perceptions through ties with and funding for think tanks. 
  • Cory Booker aide heads to Economic Innovation Group (EIG), a think tank started by early Facebook investor Sean Parker.