Monday, September 9, 2019

CFR Used to Promote Dubious Philanthropy?

Think tanks are often used by companies and other entities to promote an idea, proposal, or philosophy.  Other times, they are used for more nefarious reasons.  Here is more from the New York Times:

In 2014, Ghislaine Maxwell spoke at a Council on Foreign Relations event in Washington, D.C. She was there in her capacity as the founder of the TerraMar Project, an oceanic conservation group she started in 2012, according to a C.F.R. spokeswoman.
The C.F.R. is one of the world’s most prestigious nonprofit think tanks. Among its officers and directors then were David Rockefeller, one of the modern era’s most revered philanthropists; Colin Powell; and Robert Rubin, the secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton.
The TerraMar Project was an organization with an opaque website and a founder who happened to be the ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, the mysterious money manager who — in addition to being one of the C.F.R.’s “Chairman’s Circle” donors for at least six years — had pleaded guilty in 2008 to state charges of soliciting prostitution from a minor.

The article goes on to note that in 2013, Ms. Maxwell went to Iceland for a conference about the Arctic Circle, an event attended by Scott Borgerson, a onetime CFR fellow.  He reportedly appeared with Ms. Maxwell at the 2014 talk at CFR and became her boyfriend.

Update: The Washington Post has reported that in his 15 years as a member of CFR, Epstein attended only two events but had given the think tank $350,000 in the group's top-level donor category, the Chairman's Circle.