Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#357)

  • Is Washington more of a college town than a think tank town?
  • Prospect think tank awards have arrived.
  • How Tope Folarin of Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) went from policy wonk to novelist.
  • New CNAS study: China's military power close to parity with US.
  • Alice Rivlin spent much of her career bouncing back and forth between Brookings and top government posts. 
  • What does a libertarian think tank art show look like?
  • Why crowded think tank conferences make you so tired.
  • Victoria Nuland, former US Assistant Secretary of State, joins Brookings, and so does former prime minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni.
  • Carnegie Endowment launches new cybersecurity tool; Hewlett Foundation gives Carnegie $2 million for work on international cyber policy.
  • Richard Fontaine becomes executive director of Trilateral Commission.