Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#358)

  • Inside a Trump-era purge of military scientists at a legendary think tank (Jason).
  • How a trio of conservative think tanks rewired American political thought.
  • Therapist: What mental goals do you set for yourself?  Me: I start every day out by unsubscribing from at least three think tank email lists.
  • Knight Foundation invests $6 million in three think tanks to support research on the future of US technology policy.
  • FBI Director: Need help of think tanks to raise US's resilience. 
  • Thread from Justin Logan (formerly of Cato) about think tank ethics.
  • Jessica Trisko-Darden, former model and beauty queen who is a fellow at AEI, joins GWU Program on Extremism.
  • CGSS: The role of think tanks in nation-building.
  • JPMorgan Chase Institute brings think tankers together for second annual Conference on Economic Research.