Friday, September 13, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#359)

  • Stock image sites don't know what a think tank is. 
  • WaPo: Women are mysteriously missing from DC think tanks' foreign policy panels.
  • CSIS finds new military technology being developed by North Korea.
  • Think tank warning from Pew: A majority of Americans (58%) say they trust scientific findings less if they know the research was funded by industry groups.
  • Japanese think tank estimate of cost of Fukushima disaster drastically different from government estimate.
  • Name a job that you can completely suck at and still keep your job.  Max Blumenthal: Beltway think tank senior fellow.
  • Dr. James McGann releasing new think tank book: "Think Tanks: The New Knowledge and Policy Brokers in Asia."
  • Bernie Sanders slams think tanks again.
  • Some people not happy at think tank jobs.
  • Eleanor Barkhorn observation: Many fitness trainers in DC work as think tankers.