Friday, November 1, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#364)

  • Mike Pence delivers major China speech at Wilson Center's inaugural Frederic M. Malek Public Service Leadership Lecture; SecState Mike Pompeo slams China at Hudson speech.
  • Atlantic Council's Global 2035 report featured in top spot on Axios AM; says era of American dominance is "definitely over."
  • MapLight: Facebook, Google, and Amazon pour money into think tanks.
  • Economic Innovation Group: A Washington think tank that studies regional inequality and pushes for policies that combat it. 
  • Video: Lee Fang asks Heartland Institute president about past smoking claims. 
  • Working at a think tank to relax: "Jonathan Wong worked 80-hour weeks in management was hard to take a break so he moved to a job at the RAND Corp. and took a 30 percent pay cut."
  • New Consensus: A think tank with ties to progressive lawmakers.
  • Newish think tank: Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society.  Its founder/CEO is James Moore Jr., a former assistant secretary of Commerce.  It has partnerships with BDO, Oxford Analytica, Wall Street Journal's CEO Council, and WP Live, among others.
  • Perks at R Street Institute: unlimited PTO, can work from wherever they need, $1,200/yr. for wellness, $3,000/yr. for student loan repayments, $400 towards a new phone, and $40/mo. toward cell phone service.
  • Colorado's think tanks put ideas into action.