Thursday, November 7, 2019

Think Tank Quickies (#365)

  • Why we should stop treating peer review as the gold standard of research.
  • More scientific papers should be retracted; prank jabs at academic papers; broken system lets doctors omit industry ties in journals.
  • Kiron Skinner, who recently took leave as a researcher at the Hoover Institution to serve in the Trump Administration, forced out as State Department's director of policy planning.
  • Can you publish virtually anything in scientific journals? Predatory publisher fined $50 million. 
  • Let policy wonks proliferate: Xi Jinping is encouraging a boom in "independent" Chinese think tanks.
  • North Korea Strategy Center (NKSC): a Seoul-based think tank founded by a North Korean defector.
  • DC bucket lists overflow with think tank desires?
  • Brookings scholars Carol O'Cleireacain and Alice Rivlin had pushed for DC population growth.
  • Wealthy businessmen such as textile magnate Roger Milliken funded anti-globalization studies and think tanks; former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca funded Clyde Prestowitz's Economic Strategy Institute.