Thursday, January 2, 2020

Think Tank Quickies (#367)

  • A mealtime guide to DC think tanks.
  • The think tank dedicated to keeping the US in Syria.
  • Large police presence at Heritage Foundation for Andy Ngo speech.
  • Roosevelt Institute at Cornell University joins UK student think tank to tackle global issues.
  • CGTN think tank launches in Beijing.
  • Florida State University now home to one of the US's only student-run think tanks.
  • Economic Innovation Groups spars with ProPublica over Opportunity Zones.
  • What is a think tank? A French perspective.
  • Huge pro-India fake news network includes Canadian sites, links to Canadian think tanks.
  • "DC think tank report or Bachelor's-level international relations paper" is a fun game to play.
  • Tip for people designing webpages for think tanks (hint: make it simple!).