Sunday, March 15, 2020

Hudson Institute President Named US Ambassador to Japan

Here is more from Japanese broadcaster NHK:

US President Donald Trump has nominated the head of a conservative think tank as new ambassador to Japan.
The White House announced the choice of Kenneth Weinstein on Friday. Weinstein is the President and CEO of Hudson Institute and believed to have expertise on foreign policy and security issues.
He has close ties with Japanese political figures and met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when he visited Japan in July. He has also frequently met with senior Japanese officials and researchers visiting Washington.
Hudson Institute is known among Washington think tanks for its close ties with the Trump administration. In July, it created the post of Japan Chair, served by H.R. McMaster, former national security adviser to Trump.

Before officially becoming ambassador, Mr. Weinstein must first be confirmed by the full US Senate.  It is unclear who would become the next head of the Hudson Institute should Weinstein be confirmed.