Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Think Tank Quickies (#377)

  • Think tanks warn of coronavirus "budgetary gluttony" in states. 
  • Reimagining think tanks in times of pandemic.
  • RUSI report: UK spies will need artificial intelligence.
  • UK data think tanks clash over the use of contact-tracing apps.
  • How the coronavirus affected the 2020 intern class at Brookings.
  • Chiraag Bains of Demos named as co-chair of Joe Biden's "unity task force."
  • Anthony Ruggiero, formerly a scholar at FDD, playing a role in US's coronavirus response. 
  • Danish think tank says the US ambassador banned a Trump critic (Stanely Sloan of Atlantic Council) from an event.
  • Over 265 fake local news sites in 65+ countries managed by Indian stakeholders with ties to large network of think tanks.
  • Tucker Carlson: "There are no libertarians outside of think tanks."