Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Think Tank Quickies (#379)

  • Think tank scholars attended Mike Pompeo's "Madison dinners." 
  • Absent influencers?  Women in European think tanks. 
  • Middle East Institute (MEI) opens up think tank to support DC protestors.
  • Public Citizen: Hudson Institute opposes affordable vaccines, took $300k from industry.
  • Flashback: John Goodman launches first-of-its-kind virtual think tank (Goodman Institute).
  • US think tank seeks to repeal secret deal and delist Chinese stocks.
  • 18 states fight conservative think tank effort to freeze fuel efficiency standards. 
  • German think tank guide (SWP is the "Mercedes Benz" of European think tanks). 
  • Appraising the epistemic performance of social systems: The case of think tank evaluations.
  • Build a better blob full of think tankers.