Monday, September 14, 2020

Hackers Targeting Think Tanks Amid 2020 US Elections

 Here is more from Politico:

Russian, Chinese and Iranian hackers have mounted cyberattacks against hundreds of organizations and people involved in the 2020 presidential race and U.S.-European policy debates, with targets including the campaigns of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Microsoft said Thursday.

Microsoft said Russia's targets this time included political parties in the U.S. and Europe, while Chinese hackers went after people in Biden's campaign and Iranians attempted to breach the accounts of Trump's campaign staff. Hackers also attacked political consultants, think tanks and groups such as the German Marshall Fund and Stimson Center that promote international cooperation.

The New York Times notes that the Atlantic Council is among the think tanks that have been targeted in the most recent campaign. 

FBI Special Agent Matthew O'Brien recently said that if foreign adversaries are unable to breach an organization's computer systems via remote means, they have infiltrated the think tanks' offices in person and covertly installed keystroke logging software.

"We've got reports from the think tanks locally that they'll try to piggyback coming in through doors and just walk in and see if they can get access somewhere," said O'Brien.