Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Think Tank Quickies (#389)

  • China's top climate think tanks push for more cuts to coal use and emissions. 
  • Top Biden economic adviser Ben Harris rose through Washington's think tank world.
  • The progressive think tanks favored by Biden's top economic advisor.
  • AFPC chief: Think tanks should disclose foreign funding.
  • Network of nearly 1,300 websites that masquerade as news outlets but are propaganda ordered up by think tanks.
  • The story about German Marshall Fund's (GMF) home in DC.
  • EURACTIV:  Think tanks and ethics - a contradiction in terms?
  • Stanford Daily: Thinks tanks vs. universities.
  • How think tanks and the media shape Australia's foreign policy.
  • Taiwan, Indian think tank sign cooperation deal.
  • Think tanks square off over more gov't oversight of Michigan's charter schools.