Monday, March 8, 2021

Think Tank Quickies (#402)

  • CFR president: Taiwan is becoming the most dangerous flash point in the world. 
  • Atlantic Council deconstructs the storming of the US Capitol.
  • RAND Corp. doles out insights on sleep.
  • To think tanks who are transcribing webinars: thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
  • Neera Tanden has highest Glassdoor approval rating of any think tank chief?
  • Six experts from the Hoover Institution are partnering with Innovate Alabama to help grow the state's economy. 
  • Wilson Center Tech Lab alums visit water treatment facility to observe cybersecurity readiness.
  • Carnegie Europe: Russia sees attempts to link climate change to global security as a threat to its own security and economic stability.
  • AEI think tanker Scott Winship not happy with WaPo reporter.
  • Pic: CFR's new face masks.