Monday, April 19, 2021

Think Tank Quickies (#408)

  • CFR President Richard Haass: The New Concert of Powers. 
  • Greatest-ever name for a think tank has been identified: Knowledge Center for Maneuvering in Shallow and Confined Water (link here).
  • New think tank (Council on Geostrategy) explores challenges as "Global Britain" returns to the Indo-Pacific.
  • ASPI, sycophancy, and the deepening corruption of Australia's strategic mindset, via Michael McKinley.
  • "When I see all the 29+ year olds in think tanks with 'senior' titles to compensate lack of money for a real raise."
  • Valdai Discussion Club: Think tanks and US foreign policy.
  • Former French Ambassador to US Gerard Araud bashes US think tanks.
  • Urban Institute report: Norms and narratives that shape US charitable and philanthropic giving. 
  • LSE on the absurdity of university rankings.
  • Pic: Outdoor chess at RAND Corp.