Thursday, April 1, 2021

Think Tank Quickies (#405)

  • A Roadmap for US Global Leadership, from the US Global Leadership Commission, analyzed over 100 foreign and security policy reports to pinpoint key areas of consensus.
  • A phrase not in a think tankers vocabulary: "I don't know enough about this to have an opinion."
  • What was the last think tank event you went to before lockdown?
  • Scotland needs more think tanks.
  • Hillary Clinton does Atlantic Council event.
  • AEI: Dire need to reopen schools ASAP.
  • 42% of RAND Corp.'s US-based research staff identify as female.
  • How an Albany think tank exposed Andrew Cuomo's coronavirus coverup.
  • There was an episode of Star Trek: Voyager featuring a think tank for hire guest-starring Jason Alexander?
  • Campbell Collaboration produces and disseminates high-quality open access systematic reviews and evidence synthesis methods.