Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Think Tank Quickies (#406)

  • Daily Caller: Atlantic Council ignored anti-corruption activist's warnings about Burisma.
  • Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy releases first independent report into Xinjiang genocide allegations; claims evidence of Beijing's "intent to destroy" Uighur people.
  • Recent CSIS task force comprised of former spies: Five Eyes intelligence alliance should create a shared cloud serve on which to store data.
  • Think tank donors don't want galas, glossy annual reports, or generic requests for money.
  • Do audiences treat think tank presenters differently because of their gender?
  • Michael Dukakis Institute: "A technology and leadership think tank in Boston."
  • There's nothing new about politicians speaking at think tanks, but the boom in virtual conferences has given the organizations unprecedented reach.
  • Pakistan's PM Imran Khan launches 1st of its kind advisory portal set up by the National Security Division to engage think tanks and academia in policy making.
  • India's top economic policy think tanks and the changes in their leadership.
  • Atlantic Council: A mom's guide to coercion and deterrence.