Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Think Tank Quickies (#409)

  • Lots of think tank anecdotes in Josh Rogin's new book Chaos Under Heaven. He notes that Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's Ashley Tellis, who was considered for the US ambassador to India post, did not get that position because it was unearthed he wrote something critical of Trump.  And it is still unclear why CSIS's Victor Cha didn't get the Korea ambassadorial post.
  • Flashback I: Kiron Skinner, a Hoover Institution researcher, took leave from the think tank to serve as the State Dept.'s director of policy planning, only to be forced out.
  • Flashback II: In 2010 Michael Flynn co-wrote a piece with Matt Pottinger and Paul Batchelor on Afghanistan for CNAS; Mike Flynn was at USIP's "Passing the Baton 2017." 
  • Flashback III: Center for Carbon Removal rebrands as Carbon180.
  • The Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security (DMGS), a strategic ally of the Heritage Foundation, closed its doors on July 31, 2020.
  • CCP think tanker on China's strategy to win global hegemony and put the US under CCP control
  • Q&A with Joseph Nye on moving between academia and government, intel work and policymaking.
  • How Clubhouse is like a DC think tank event.
  • Ethical dilemmas of the China scholar.
  • Slovenian think tank report upsets Bulgarians.