Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Powerful Think Tank-Like Entity Has Deep Ties to Heritage Foundation

Here are a couple excerpts from a new Washington Post piece on the closed-door Council for National Policy (CNP):

I learned about another dimension of CNP through a video featuring Jim DeMint, a former senator and tea party favorite. It was 2018, and he was telling CNP members about an initiative called the Conservative Action Project, which had been launched years earlier by CNP leaders.

CAP claims to include more than 100 groups “representing all major elements of the conservative movement — economic, social, and national security.” Its website publishes policy memos signed by the leaders of its member groups. It turns out that, according to documents, CAP shares an address with CNP, and many CAP activists are members of both groups. CAP also works hand-in-hand with yet another group that DeMint had started not long before called the Conservative Partnership Institute.


DeMint served as Heritage Foundation president from 2013-2017. 

Those that have spoken at CNP events include Kay Coles James, another former Heritage president.  Heritage co-founder Ed Feulner has also been involved with CNP.