Thursday, January 27, 2022

CAP Working to Influence USG on Potential Russian Invasion

 Here is more from Politico:

The Center for American Progress, a think tank close to the Biden administration, just published a report titled “How the United States Should Respond if Russia Invades Ukraine.”

Written by MAX BERGMANN, a senior fellow at the left-leaning think tank and former State Department official, the report lays out eight separate steps that could make Russia feel the pain and deter other nations from trying similar invasions. [Examples include:]

— “Target and uproot oligarch wealth and influence”

— “Put in place strict export controls that stop U.S.-based technology from going to Russia”

— “Wage a continuous economic sanctions campaign against Russia”

“This is a report that CAP plans to circulate with members of the administration and Congress,” said SAM HANANEL, a CAP spokesperson. The report, we’re told separately, does reflect the outcomes of conversations that have taken place between CAP, administration officials and lawmakers since the Ukraine crisis began.


A number of think tanks have been active with lobbying on the Russia/Ukraine issue both in the US and overseas, including the German Marshall Fund (GMF) and the Atlantic Council.

Meanwhile, the conservative Heritage Foundation continues to say that Russia remains a formidable threat to the US.

Years ago, the Washington Post noted that the Heritage Foundation had several officials working on then President Donald Trump's transition team who had broken with him regarding views on Russia, saying that the threat Moscow posed had increased.

It has been noted that Republican elected officials and the think tanks that advise them are staunchly pro-Ukraine.

Here is a Politico piece which asks 13 Putin watchers, including think tankers, to weigh in over a possible war over Ukraine.