Thursday, January 20, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#434)

  • New America's Anne-Marie Slaughter tries to get the last word on think tank debacle.
  • Caleb Watney and Alec Stapp win Emergent Ventures award to found a think tank related to progress studies.
  • CSIS becomes 1st Washington-based think tank to establish an Australia chair.
  • New satellite imagery from CSIS shows a new high-tech Chinese aircraft carrier could launch in early 2022.
  • DoD sponsored a RAND Corp. study published in September that put forward a framework for helping commanders reduce the risk of military extremism.
  • Bogle Financial Markets Research Center, a think tank created by John Bogle.
  • Cowles Commission for Research in Economics: "Arguably the most influential economic think tank in history in its heyday."
  • The Baltimore Museum of Art's Ruth R. Marder Center for Matisse Studies "will serve as a think tank for BMA staff and other curators and scholars, helping to jumpstart new exhibitions, writing and research."
  • Pew Research released a brand new typology report.
  • Richard McGregor of the Lowy Institute reads 52 books a year; tips on how to read more books.