Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#435)

  • Biden taps Lisa Cook, a former research assistant at Brookings for Alice Rivlin, for the Fed.
  • China's olive branch to sanctioned German think tank "poorly timed."
  • CSIS's Victor Cha now serving on the Defense Policy Board for the Biden Administration.
  • New CAP report doesn't disclose authors' foreign ties. 
  • Pic: A Taiwanese think tank posts its take on a popular meme to show what a headache it is living next to China.
  • WaPo's Jeff Stein on the pain of getting scooped by a think tank.
  • Brookings scholar: "You know you've arrived when your book has become a doorstop at the Brookings bookstore."
  • Pic: Think tanks in China seem way more interesting.
  • Jakub Janda: Why I brought a Czech think tank to Taiwan.
  • Hunter Marsten: "What's the German word for the feeling you get when a think tank puts out a report that copies a bunch of your recommendations from a different think tank report you wrote on the same subject two years previously but doesn't cite your report."