Friday, February 18, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#438)

  • Liberty University president says that getting people elected is the goal of the school's think tank, previously known as the Falkirk Center.
  • Taiwanese cash funding think tanks to push for war with China?
  • William Gorham, Urban Institute founder, dies at 91.
  • Silverado Policy Accelerator: "Combines expertise of a traditional think tank with the dynamism of a venture approach."
  • Sen. Joe Manchin's ties to conservative think tank land.
  • New RAND report: A Guide to extreme competition with China.
  • French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer heads a think tank tasked with combating what the minister calls "US-imported wokeism."
  • International Crisis Group: Why the UNSC stumbles in responding to coups.
  • McGann on how think tanks stay relevant in today's world.
  • "I always felt that universities are sometimes better than think tanks because their students, their engagement, their fresh and changing ideas."