Monday, March 28, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#441)

  • A Beijing think tank offered a frank review of China's technological weaknesses.  Then the report disappeared
  • CSIS launches new site for translating, interpreting, and analyzing Chinese Communist Party documents.  The project is funded by support from the Ford Foundation and Carnegie Corporation of New York.
  • China "spy think tank" (CICIR) predicts Russia sanctions will backfire.
  • Council on Geostrategy signs MoU with Ukrainian Prism, a think tank.
  • RUSI got access to Russian internal intelligence polling.
  • What think tanks are thinking about European defense and security.
  • Edward Snowden not a big fan of the think tank crowd.
  • Former Brookings scholar Emily Horne leaves NSC; White House is considering adding Brookings scholar Thomas Wright as a senior director for strategy at the NSC.
  • How well are women represented at think tank events?
  • Should think tankers be able to speak/read in the language of the foreign regions they cover?