Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#447)

  • In the lead-up to the war last year, Ukraine's lobbyists made 10,000+ contracts with Congress, think tanks, and journalists.  "Think tanks have basically become lobbyists but with nonprofit status."
  • Is Brookings a liberal think tank or a big-money lobbyist?
  • Former President Donald Trump is returning to Washington for the first time since he left office to give a speech at the America First Policy Institute, which is led by senior Trump officials. 
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) slams foreign influence at Brookings.
  • Manhattan Institute serves as a haven for "cancelled" scholars.
  • Tom Donilon, chair of BlackRocks's think tank, to co-chair State Departments' Foreign Affairs Policy Board.
  • Asia Times: Neocon think tanks are driving Biden's Ukraine policy.
  • Daniel Bessner: "I spent the spring reading what many think tanks in DC have been saying about the future of US foreign policy and US-China relations."
  • CNAS report highlighting key insights from a strategic-operational wargame examining a US-China conflict over Taiwan in 2027.
  • Alex Kisling, former director of strategic communications at Atlantic Council, will be VP of comms at CSIS.