Thursday, October 6, 2022

China Wants Hudson Inst. to Stop Its YouTube Videos on China

Here is more from Politico:

The Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. wants the Hudson Institute to stop distributing a series of short YouTube videos critical of the ruling Chinese Communist Party featuring former Secretary of State MIKE POMPEO. 

The videos “made groundless accusations against the Communist Party of China,” the embassy said in letter that Pompeo shared on Twitter on Tuesday.

“We have written to the Hudson Institute to express our concern and clarify the facts,” Chinese embassy spokesperson LIU PENGYU told China Watcher. Pompeo clearly enjoys the attention. “The CCP wants me to stop speaking the truth. Ain’t gonna happen,” Pompeo tweeted.


Hudson Institute is hosting the new videos at its new China Center, where Pompeo serves as chair of its advisory board.  Pompeo is also a distinguished fellow at Hudson.

China's Global Times has said that the China Center has "evil intentions" and was established to "collude with anti-China figures and concoct and disseminate anti-China rhetoric."